U-15 Baseball World Cup 2018 to Panama

U-15 Baseball World Cup 2018 to Panama

26 Jul 15:00 - 09 Aug 14:00 - Los Santos
Ponchalo's Sports Bar


Dates of the U-15 youth baseball world championship have been tentatively set between the period of July and August.
Starting with the 2018 edition in Panama, WBSC has installed a new regulation for all games of the U-15 Baseball World Cup to be played with a seven-inning format, shifting from the traditional nine-inning format.
The WBSC U-15 Baseball World Cup will award 460 world ranking points to the winner.
Qualified Nations (in order of continental championship standings)
Africa (1): To be determined
Americas (5): No. 2 United States, No. 16 Dominican Republic, No. 5 Cuba (defending U-15 World Champion), No. 15 Panama, No. 18 Brazil
Asia (2): No. 1 Japan, No. 4 Chinese Taipei

Europe (2): No. 20 Germany, No. 8 Netherlands
Oceania (1): To be determined

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